Sunday, March 4, 2012

Timing Belt Replacement Buchtel Motors Denver

Your timing belt is a pretty small piece of equipment for the big job it handles.  It is responsible for making sure that your camshaft and crankshaft run in proper synchronization and that controls the timing of the opening and closing of your engine’s valves.  Basically, without that relatively small belt being perfectly aligned,  you will have valves open when they should not be, allowing for collisions with the pistons, which can in turn cause serious, often catastrophic engine damage.  There may be a rattling noise warning you before a timing belt fails, but it can not always be predicted, so the best way to avoid a failure of this important little belt is to regularly bring your vehicle in for timing belt replacement at Denver’s Buchtel Motors.   

Taking care of your timing belt replacement on the schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer avoids the risk of it being worn down to the point where is could break or slip, and having our experts replace your timing belt for you means that it will be perfectly aligned, providing excellent synchronization consistently until the next scheduled replacement.  Buchtel Motors looks forward to your satisfaction with our timing belt replacement service in Denver.